MIAMI LAKES ACCOUNTANT Do you have one you can trust ?

Miami Lakes Accountant

Miami Lakes Accountant. Did you have an accounting or tax question ?  Tried to call and did not return the call. Went to the office and they moved. Left you out to dry.  If you answered yes to the questions we have the solution for you


Corey Accounting Services has been serving the Miami Lakes Accounting community since 1985. They are staffed by experienced accountants. Their specialty is tax preparation. They can start your business with an  incorporate Florida or start an LLC  in as little at 15 minutes.

This firm files all federal , state and corporate tax returns. All the forms need to prepare a  correct tax return. They want to get you the best tax return with getting an Internal Revenue Letter.  Since 1990 has been an authorized E-FILE PROVIDER.  Every income tax return is electronically  file at not extra cost to the client.

Did you get an IRS Audit letter.   It said you owe money. The last place you went to does not answer the phone.  You went to their office and they were not their.

Miami Lakes Accountant

Miami Lakes Accountant

Corey will help you solve this  problem. Just bring the letter and they will sit down and explain it to you. In some cased you will save money  and get you money back. click here to set up an appointment

 Miami Lakes Accountant

Do you need to start  your new business ?  Have questions on what kind  of company to open.  Need ask what is the difference between and Limited Liability Company or Incorporation.  You came to the right place.

Corey Accountants will sit down and explain what  is the difference. Choosing the wrong one could cost you time and money.

The best part is They have a free consultation to help you decide. Who else does that kind of service,.

Click here to set up your free consultation

Our office is easy to find. The address is 1800 West 68 St Suite 118,Hialeah,Florida 33014. Phone number is 305 823-9228.  Email

Minutes away from any where in Miami,Miami Lakes,Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Miami Gardens at NW 122 exit of 826.



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