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Open Florida LLC Video must watch or Lose Money

Open Florida LLC Video Must Watch

or Lose Money

Open Florida LLC Must Watch Video or Lose Money.  This video will show you what you have to do before open LLC  in Florida. If you do it wrong will cost your time and Money.

You have 4 basic rules must follow. The average person does it wrong. This will cause you issues with the IRS and State of Florida.

One of the rules is the LLC must be located in Florida. Any of the members do not have to live in the state.  Just the Registered Agent.

if you have questions there is a place to call for free Consultation. Corey Accountant Services has help their clients.  They know what to ask you to make sure you get started correctly.

Open Florida LLC Correctly  Done wrong will cost you

Open Florida LLC Correctly
Done wrong will cost you

This accountant firm is located at 1800 W 68 St suite 118, Hialeah,Fl 33014. Phone number is 305-823-9228  email Fax and email service is available.  Easy to find anywhere in Miami ,Dade, Miami Lakes,Miami Springs,Hialeah,Hialeah Gardens. Just off the 826 aht NW 122 Exit.

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Accountant Hialeah Reason Use Accountant

Accountant Hialeah Reason to Use Accountant

Accountant Hialeah Reason to use an accountant will show several way they could benefit you.

Choosing what type of company to open is one reason. They can help you decide what sort of entity. There are 3 choices to choose from such as C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Their help can assist to choose which one is right for you. Wrong choose

accountant Hialeah

Doing alone could cost you money

could cost you time and money in the future
Style and established your accounting device so that year-end economic reporting will certainly be much easier.
Guarantee that you pay the wright kinds of taxes in the proper amounts. If done on an a quarterly basics you know how much you have to pay by the end of the year.
Ensure that you send out W2 and 1099 . They must be sent to the proper people at the correct times. Sending forms late could case late fees that could be avoided. Accountant will make sure the forms send on time. They follow the Internal Revenue Service rules to show the difference between the individuals are independent contractors and not staff members. This is an usual blunder that could cost you a bunch of money and anxiety.


Recommend you on write-offs and the best ways to separate your personal and overhead.
Encourage and direct you via an audit if you ever have one.
Suggest you on certain deals, such as whether it’s much better to rent or purchase.
Accountant Hialeah will help you assemble your economic documents for the previous period. It save the tax payers the time issues as dead lines issues. This save you money so you will not pay late fees or penalties. Most late charges could be avoided if filed on time.

Corey & Associates Hialeah Accountant Services is responsible for this post. They have been in the accounting industry since 1985. They will make sure you will get the quality services so you can do other things besides your accounting.

Their office is located at 1800 W 68 St Suite 118 , Hialeah Fl 33014, Phone number is 305 823-9228, Just minutes away from any where in Miami Dade, Hialeah,Hialeah Gardens,Miami Lakes,Miami Gardens off the NW 122 St Exit of 826.

Corey Accounting files all federal state and Local forms. Corporation open in 15 minutes.